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At Home Learning Program

Kaurna greeting (PDF)

Welcome to our At Home Learning Program. We are here to help support you on this journey. We understand that this can be new and different for everyone, including us, and encourage you to please contact us with any feedback, questions, or concerns. Various communication forums (i.e phone, zoom, email, Facebook) will be used to support your child’s learning at home and for educators and families to stay connected.

Our vision for the ‘At Home Learning Program’ is to highlight the learning that is already naturally occurring in your daily routine and how you can extend upon this, utilising our preschool program and providing consistency with your child’s learning and development. Everyday routines support children’s learning and development.

Learning at home may have …

Establishing and maintaining routines (PDF)
Darlington Children’s Centre daily routine (PDF)
Meal times (PDF)
Outside play based learning (PDF)
Inside play (PDF)
Relaxation (PDF)
Pack up time (PDF)
Group time routine (PDF)
Personal care (PDF)

Each day at our group time we sing these songs-

Hello song

Days of the week


Today is







Occasional Care