Some favourite songs, stories and links to help support children’s learning

This page could be a focus for learning at home for over a few weeks.  Life cycles, food, dispositions such as resilience and personal hygiene.  To support this focus, we have included links to relevant books, videos and songs as well as our regular Kindy songs that the children know, love and enjoy.

We wash our hands. This song supports children’s learning about the importance of washing our hands regularly.

Elephants have wrinkles. A fun, silly song! Great for helping to develop children’s memory.

Little caterpillar. A beautiful slow song to help children to develop their knowledge and vocabulary about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Slippery fishChildren love this song! It has the names of different sea animals in it and can be used to help to develop children’s sense of ordinal numbers. Which sea animal gets eaten first?

We wash our hands … 


  • Morning tea. A good time to chat and share ideas


1 Elephants Have Wrinkles  lyrics (PDF)

2 Little Caterpillar lyrics (PDF)

Educators singing


3 slippery fish lyrics (PDF)


Books being read by the educators

Additional Resources

Experiences/activities you can do at home

Bugs, slugs and creepy-crawlies (Department for Education)