Music, stories and play

On this page there are links to Caleb’s music program, stories, songs, relaxation activities and additional things you may like to do at home.

If you would like more information about the program please speak to one of the team.

Musical Muscle with Caleb

Each term Caleb comes once a fortnight to work with the children and staff.

Below is a link to Caleb’s web page.


Inanay lyrics pdf 

A lovely version of Inanay sung by Tiddas can be found on Youtube

Books being read by the educators



We can help children to practice relaxation techniques such as keeping still and listening to music. This site may be helpful?

Music for your infant: Classical music for young minds

You may find that the soothing collection calms your infant and helps reduce your own stress levels — there is plenty of evidence about the role of music in reducing the stress hormone, cortisol. Use it at bath time or during feeding, as a musical cue for nap-time and, again, take the opportunity for gentle swaying with your child in your arms if you can, soft humming, or as a backdrop to massage.

Experiences / activities you can do at home

Helping set the scene for children’s pretend play

Encouraging children to write and draw…